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  15.jpg Taylor Hill - dirty maid
Take our advice. Don't hire busty lapdancers from Ohio as maids. You can't trust 'em. They never do any fargin' work! They'll just run around your crib rubbing their tits on the furniture and sticking toys in their cootchies. And they'll expect wages far and above the French Maid Society of North America. Just look at Taylor here. She'd rather attach a dildo to the suit of armor and suck it than clean the bathroom. Good help is truly hard to find. You come home from work and the place is covered in lube and pussy juice. Which doesn't sound too bad, come to think. The costume that Taylor is spilling out of is a real dick pleaser. We have to hand it to her for her exceptional taste in shoes also. "Stockings that attach by garters are always a nice touch," Taylor once told us. Words to live by.
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